Located in the heart of the RedLightDistrict of Amsterdam, Rednun is a small creative agency that works for A-list brands. We offer a full service approach but –if we may say so: we do specialize in something rather special, quite unique and valuable.

We monetize what’s in your (big) data by creating and producing data driven, engaging and high-quality creative videos. Just look at our show reel to see what we do and whom we work for. Personalizing your campaign means adding relevance to your message, whatever your proposition may be. And that is exactly what your customers want, a message that is relevant and specifically catered to them. Plus, we all know video is the best way to get your (sometimes extensive) message across.

In short these online data driven videos work for: increasing customer loyalty, reducing churn, boosting Net Promoter Score, boosting renewals, reducing inbound calls and increasing retention.
Not bad, right?

Personalising your video message brings you closer to your customers, improves the effect of your marketing communication campaigns, improves your CRM and will help you reach your marketing goals faster. Another thing that’s not completely unimportant: we will do so at lower costs and add valuable data back to the customer journey.

Thanks to our unique approach and one-of-a-kind skill set we can deliver large campaigns in a short period of time. In the past, we have done exactly that for ING Bank, T-Mobile, Essent, Tui, Eni, KLM, The People’s Postcode Lottery, TNT Express and a few other major brands.

Curious to hear what we can do for your brand? Just give us a call!