Rednun is a service company that specialises in creating and producing personalized video messages. Personalizing your ad, video, clip or animation means adding relevance to your message. And that is exactly what your customers want, a message that is relevant to them. Personalizing your video message brings you closer to your customers, improves the effect of your communication and will help you reach your marketing goals. At Rednun we are not afraid to talk about results, statistics, conversion, effect or ROI. We take pride in helping advertisers to reach their objectives. In fact, we are so confident in what we can achieve that we are willing to talk about ‘no cure, no pay’ deals if you are facing a transaction marketing challenge. Just give us a call!

With Rednun we started a brand new company, but it is based on years of experience. Our previous companies, Palookaville and Studio Eijrond, specialised in serving advertisers with stunning commercials and broadcasters with great motion graphics. The ‘engine’ of Rednun was developed in our other company, Automo, where we automate the work of motion designers and develop new workflows for the promo-departmens of broadcasters. While Automo focuses on serving (international) broadcasters, Rednun is fully dedicated to serving innovative agencies, daring advertisers and great brands.

We are

  • Ruud Schuijt

    Managing Director
  • Guido Eijrond

  • Thijs Albers

    Art Director
  • Jasper Jager

    Senior Developer